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086 162 7732 IN CASE OF ANYTHING



Don’t panic

Our brand new panic app is released. Its like our In Case of Anything number. But in app form.

In case of emergency

Community based medical emergency services Crisis Medical is now powered by us.
We introduce our new ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras into crime hotspots to stop crime before it happens.

10 and growing bigger.

Having grown to a fleet of 15 response vehicles, 1 medical emergency vehicle, 1 dog unit and 4 Special Operation Team Vehicles you feel safer under our watch.
In November, took over Viva Security Solutions in Ballito and began our expansion into the North Coast area.

Its a dog's life.

Formed ‘Here Buddy’ Facebook group, a place for the community to post information about lost and found pets in the north Durban area.

Moved by growth

Corporate Guarding Division move into their own new premises at 397 Chris Hani Road, Briardene due to extensive growth.

More is more

Acquired UDI Electronics which boosted our armed response team by 3 vehicles and technical division by 2.

Accreditation where it’s due


Achieved ISO 9001 accreditation.

Bigger and better

Construction of new control room and emergency dispatch centre is completed. Entire operation moves to 262 Blackburn Rd, with a 5-year plan. Space was outgrown in 3. Received full SAIDSA Accreditation for control room and emergency dispatch centre.

In Case of Anything!


We let you know that you can call us,
In Case of Anything.

Growing by Divisions

Electronics Division is formed, specialising in installations and electronic security systems.
Full SASSETA accreditation for our training facility is received.
Armed response and alarm monitoring is introduced.
Our first armed response vehicle hits the streets.

On guard!


Marshall Corporate Guarding Division is formed. Entire operation moved to Northumberland Place due to growth.

Level Up ...


Special Operations Team is formed.

In the beginning ...

Company formed and registered with PSIRA as a security provider.
First offices are set up on Broadway.
First street patrol is formed 1 June.

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