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Caught in the Act: Westmead Patrol Halts Copper Cable Theft!

This morning at approximately 07h45 one of our Armed Response Officer, while on routine patrol in the Westmead area, spotted a male walking on the corners of Surprise Road and Henry Pennington Road. The individual was in possession of a copper cable approximately fifteen meters in length.

The officer promptly stopped and interviewed the male, with members of our Tactical Team arriving shortly after as backup. The male could not provide our Officers a reasonable explanation as to how he had the cable in his possession and was immediately apprehended.

Pinetown SAPS were informed and arrived on scene within minutes.

Unfortunately it could not be established as to where the copper cable was stolen from however the suspect was transported to Pinetown SAPS and will be charged for being in possession of suspected stolen items.

We urge all members of the public to please report any form of crime to the SAPS.

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