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Caught Red-Handed: Quick Response Leads to A Successful Arrest

At approximately 13h00 this afternoon, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a distress call from a client from Surprise Road in the Westmead, Pinetown area.

The client reported that three suspects were in the process of stealing tyres from their business premises.

Arriving in a vehicle, the suspects were caught in the act, prompting an immediate dispatch of our Armed Response Officers and Tactical Team to the scene.

Upon our team’s arrival, it was discovered that two of the suspects had fled into a nearby dense bush prior to our arrival after being approached by the owner of the tyres. However, our team were able to promptly apprehended the driver of the vehicle. Several tyres, which the suspects were loading to make their escape, were found in the back of the vehicle.

Pinetown SAPS were notified and arrived on scene shortly thereafter. The suspect, along with the vehicle used in the commission of the crime, was taken to Pinetown SAPS.

This incident underscores the critical role of collaboration in ensuring community safety. The Greater Westmead Association has played a vital role in this successful arrest, demonstrating their commitment to fostering a secure environment through joint efforts.

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