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Cornered Vehicle Theft Suspects Attempt To Bribe Response Officers

Cornered Vehicle Theft Suspects Attempt To Bribe Response Officers

On Wednesday evening just before 18h00, a suspicious green Toyota Yaris with three occupants was spotted parked on North Beach Road in Umdloti by our dedicated Umdloti Smart Village Armed Response Officer.

A registration check was conducted on the vehicle with the SAPS and upon further investigation it was established that the vehicle had been stolen on the 8th of April 2021 from the Berea area.

Our Armed Response Officer immediately prevented the vehicle from leaving the area and called for backup. Members of our Special Operations Team arrived on scene to assist. While waiting for the SAPS to arrive on scene, the occupants of the vehicle attempted to bribe our officers to let them go.

Metro Police and Durban North Police arrived on scene shortly thereafter and took over the scene.

Upon further investigation by the Durban North Police, it was found that the vin and engine numbers of the vehicle had been tampered with and were not corresponding.

All three occupants of the vehicle were taken to the Durban North Police Station for further investigation and processing.

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