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Crime Trend Alert: Durban Motorists Taken Hostage During Hijackings

We urge Durban motorists to be extra vigilant following a recent increase in incidents where hijackers have been taking off with the motorist still inside the vehicle. Not only does this afford hijackers with more time to locate the tracking device, but it also significantly delays the activation of ground teams as the motorist is unable to notify their tracking company of the incident until they are dropped off in a remote location.

In the most recent incident, that had occurred yesterday, a motorist was hijacked in Pinetown and was only dropped off in the Etafuleni area, near Inanda, approximately 40 kilometers away.

Our Special Operations Team was activated at around 19h15 to assist Cartrack with locating the vehicle, a white Toyota Corolla Quest. Zoning in on the possible whereabouts of the hijacked vehicle, it was recovered a short while later by members of our Special Operations Team and Cartrack ground team members on a dirt road in Besters, Kwamashu area.

The scene was secured and handed over to the SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Hijacking prevention safety tips:
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and take note of any suspicious vehicles, or suspects that appear to be following you. Do not exit your vehicle and immediately drive to a safe space such as the nearest police station.
  • Always open your driveway gate while your vehicle is still parallel to the road, before pulling up, to prevent you from being boxed in by hijackers or armed robbers.
  • If you spot any suspicious loiterers as you approach your home, press your mobile panic button and rather drive around the block until an armed response officer can arrive at your home.
Taken hostage, what now?
  • Try to remain calm and comply with demands. Although inconvenient, a stolen vehicle can be replaced, your life cannot.
  • Take note of your surroundings to be able to navigate your way to safety on foot.
  • Note any identifiable markers on the suspects, such as scars or tattoos, to give to police officials.
  • Memorise an emergency contact number to be able to inform your loved ones and emergency responders of what had occurred as soon as you reach a safe space.
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