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Drone Division and Armed Response Thwart Property Intrusion in Westmead

Last night at approximately 19h10 the Greater Westmead Association Drone Division Unit was conducting aerial patrols over well-known hotspot areas in the Westmead Pinetown area.

During the aerial patrol, the Drone Division Unit spotted two individuals unlawfully entering a business property on Surprise Road.

Our Armed Response Officers and Tactical Team were immediately dispatched who were guided by the Drone Division Unit on the whereabouts of the two suspects.

After a well coordinated operation two suspects were swiftly apprehended and stolen property recovered. The assistance of another private security company, who stopped to assist our team members after noticing our team searching for suspects, must be acknowledged.

Pinetown SAPS were notified and arrived on scene to transport the suspects to Pinetown SAPS for further investigation and processing.

In a separate incident, yesterday afternoon at approximately 14h42 whilst our Armed Response Officer was on routine patrol in the Westmead area, a suspicious male was spotted carrying copper cables on Swanfield Road.

Our Armed Response Officer immediately stopped to interview the male who could not provide our Officer with a reasonable explanation as to where he got the items from and the suspect was immediately apprehended.

Pinetown SAPS arrived on scene a short while later and transported the suspects and the stolen copper cable to Pinetown SAPS where they will be facing charges of being in possession of stolen items.

These two incidents underscore the importance of collaboration in ensuring community safety, highlighting the vital role played by the Greater Westmead Association. Their commitment to fostering a secure environment through cooperative effort has been key to the success of such operations.

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