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Durban North Electrical Copper Cable Thief Arrested

Last night our teams arrested a suspect that was caught cutting electrical cables in the Durban North Area.

At approximately 01h30, Marshall Security’s Emergency Dispatch Centre received a report of a theft in progress on Kentucky Drive in Durban North, where three suspects were caught stealing electrical copper cables. Responding swiftly, our Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, the team spotted three suspects attempting to cut cables from overhead lines and fled as they noticed our team. However, one suspect was successfully apprehended after a short foot chase by our dedicated team members, working in conjunction with Home Hawks Neighbourhood Watch.

The apprehended suspect was found to be in possession of implements used to cut cables, and is believed to be responsible for numerous theft incidents in the Durban North area with the same modus operandi. The suspect will be further investigated by Durban North SAPS.

The Metro Police arrived on the scene and transported the suspect to Durban North SAPS for processing. Unfortunately, the two outstanding suspects managed to evade arrest by fleeing into a nearby dense bush.

Marshall Security commends our team for their swift action and collaboration with local neighbourhood watches, resulting in another successful arrest

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