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Breakthrough in Durban Trailer Thefts: Coordinated Efforts Lead to Key Discoveries

Durban Trailer Theft Operation

At approximately 02h00 yesterday morning Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received numerous panic activations from clients on Chelsea Drive as well numerous WhatsApp messages on crime alert groups reporting that assistance is required on Chelsea Drive where a homeowner managed to apprehend a suspect who had stolen his trailer from his property. Two suspects fled the scene on foot.

Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene. A search for the two wanted suspects was conducted but they unfortunately managed to evade arrest.

Durban North SAPS were immediately dispatched and promptly arrived on scene and transported the suspect together with the vehicle to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Yesterday at approximately 13h00 members of our Special Operations Team together with Durban North Trio Crimes Unit worked on information received on the possible whereabouts of stolen trailers as multiple cases have been reported over the past few months in the Durban North and Greenwood Park area.

Durban Trailer Theft Operation

Investigations lead team members to a well known taxi rank in the Durban Central area where they managed to recover a trailer which had been stolen in July this year in the Gingingndlovu area.

Multiple other abandoned trailers with no number plates, no licence discs and VINs which been tampered with was also found and are suspected to be stolen however this could not be confirmed but will be investigated further by the SAPS.

The stolen trailer was transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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