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Marshall Security Exposes False Hijacking Report in Durban, Leads to Perjury Charges

False Hijacking Report Durban

Yesterday, at around 11:30am, members of our Special Operations Team identified a Corsa utility bakkie on Duffy Crescent in the Avoca area matching the description of a vehicle which had allegedly been reported hijacked just the previous day on North Coast Road. The vehicle was found parked in a yard on Duffy Crescent, prompting immediate action from our team.

Greenwood Park SAPS and Greenwood Park SAPS detectives were swiftly notified and arrived at the scene shortly later.

In a diligent effort to resolve the situation, contact was established with the owner of the vehicle who had reported the hijacking. The owner, who claimed to have been hijacked and dropped off in Stanger, was present during the police’s thorough investigation. It was established that the report filed by the vehicle owner was, in fact, a false complaint. There had been no hijacking.

False Hijacking Report Durban

As a result of this, the individual who had filed the original report is now facing charges for perjury at Greenwood Park SAPS. This incident not only underscores the importance of honesty in legal matters but also highlights the meticulous investigative work carried out by Marshall Security in collaboration with Greenwood Park SAPS.

Marshall Security remains committed to upholding the truth and ensuring justice. We continue to work closely with the SAPS, contributing to the integrity of legal processes and the safety of our community.

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