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Hijacked H100 Rapidly Recovered in Shudu: Special Operations Team Collaborates with Afrisist and Z2 Security

This morning at approximately 08h50 members of our Special Operations Team in the North Coast were activated to assist Afrisist Tracking with a hijacked H100 which had been hijacked in the Thongathi area by unknown amount of armed suspects who were driving a white unknown vehicle.  

Our members immediately responded and within a few minutes the vehicle was recovered which was found abandoned on a dirt road in the Shudu area with the vehicle keys still in the ignition by members of our Special Operations Team and Z2 Security. 

The victim of the hijacking was found not far away and also reported that he had been robbed for an undisclosed amount of money. 

The vehicle was handed over to the owner as the victim did not desire opening a case with the SAPS.

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