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Hijacked Motorist Kidnapped, Taken Hostage By Five Suspects

Earlier today our Special Operations Team assisted Cartrack in locating a vehicle that had been hijacked and the driver taken hostage.

Just before 12h00 members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist Cartrack with locating a hijacked Toyota Hilux. Our team members immediately responded to the last known location of the vehicle and managed to recover it within in minutes of being activated. The vehicle was found abandoned in Kwamashu D – Section by members of Our Special Ops Team and Cartrack ground team.

It was later established that the vehicle had been hijacked on Sea Cow Lake Road in the Sea Cow Lake area by five suspects, three of which were armed with handguns. The driver of the vehicle had been kidnapped and taken hostage and later dropped off in the Avoca Hills area. The hijacked vehicle was fully loaded with household food items and the driver was on their way to make a delivery to a local tuck shop. All food items had been removed from the vehicle and was nowhere to be found.

The owner declined to open a case with the SAPS and the vehicle was handed back to them.

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