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Hunted Down: 1 Suspect Arrested, 2 Stolen Vehicles Recovered

A suspect driving a stolen vehicle was arrested, and two stolen vehicles recovered, following a relentless hunt and high speed chase last night.

At approximately 19h40 last night our Emergency Dispatch Centre circulated the details of a stolen silver VW Polo to all our Armed Response Officers and Special Operation Team members to be on the lookout, after the vehicle had been spotted in the Umhlanga area.

Determined to locate the vehicle, our members set out to track it down. After approximately two hours of searching members of our Special Operations Team finally spotted the VW Polo, now accompanied by a white Ford Ranger, in the Phoenix area. Both vehicles were travelling at high speed, driving contra flow on Eastbury Drive, nearly causing an accident.

Our team members didn’t hesitate and immediately started to pursue the two vehicles. When the suspects noticed they were being followed by our members, they immediately picked up speed.

After a short chase, the VW Polo was stopped on Eastbury Drive where one suspect was immediately arrested. A few meters along the same road, the driver in the Ford Ranger then drove into a curb where both the rear tyres of the vehicle were damaged. The suspect hastily abandoned the vehicle and fled into a nearby dense bush.

The SAPS were contacted and the Pheonix Trio Crime unit arrived on scene.

It was later established by the SAPS that the Ford Ranger had indeed also been a stolen vehicle, that had been taken from the Greenwood Park area on the 9th of November. An extensive search for the suspect that drove the white Ford Ranger was conducted, who unfortunately still remains at large.

Both scenes and one suspect were handed over to the SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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