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Known housebreaking suspect arrested in Glen Hills

known housebreaking suspect arrested in Glen Hills

A known housebreaking suspect was arrested for housebreaking in the Glen Hills area earlier today.

Just after midday the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted to a housebreaking at a non-client’s residence on Honeysuckle Place.

A description of the suspect, who had forced open the garage door of the premises and was disturbed by the homeowner, was circulated to the responding officers. A suspect matching the description was seen walking on Rinaldo Road and when he noticed our response officers he jumped into a property on Rinaldo Road and started fence hopping into neighbouring properties in an escape attempt. Members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist, and within a few minutes the suspect was arrested by Marshall Security together with the assistance of members of the public in a complex on Peach Place.

Greenwood Park SAPS attended, who then took the known housebreaking suspect back to the property on Honeysuckle Place where the suspect was positively identified by the homeowner. The suspect is a known housebreaker and had been arrested numerous times. He was arrested and charged for housebreaking.

Just an hour after the arrest, an on-site Marshall guard on Armstrong Avenue noticed two suspects stealing an airconditioning unit and wheelbarrow from a neighbouring vacant business complex. 

Multiple armed response officers were dispatched to investigate and spotted the suspects pushing the stolen wheelbarrow and aircon on the M41. The suspects noticed our responding officers and immediately abandoned the stolen items as they fled into the bushes. An extensive search was conducted in and around the greenbelt, but unfortunately the suspects managed to evade arrest.

The recovered items were handed over to the SAPS for further processing.

20210906 Stolen items recovered M41
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