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In Case of Medical Emergencies

Medical services

Here at Marshall Security we say that you can call us, In Case of Anything. And we mean it.
In 2017 we broadened our first responder offering by acquiring Crisis Medical; whose licensed paramedics are able to step in and help out in case of medical emergencies, stabilizing patients at the scene and transporting them to relevant medical facilities.

Call Marshall Security In a Time of ‘Crisis’ Medical

Crisis Medical covers the north Durban area, (essentially the Marshall Security footprint and beyond), and operate out of our combined central office at 262 Blackburn Road.

Our contact centre is filled with trained professionals ready to take your call and guide you through your ‘crisis,’ while help is literally on its way. Our operation has been set up to ensure optimal speed of response for your peace of mind.

Crisis Medical are also contracted to all medical aids, the Workman’s Compensation Fund and the Road Accident Fund.

Save a number. Save a life.

Call our emergency dispatch centre (our In Case of Anything number) or the Crisis Medical Hotline: 086 112 7474 and we’ll take care of the rest.

Call Us in a Time of Crisis Medical.

Because every second counts.