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Murder and Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested in Umhlanga

M41 Bridge Repeat Offender Arrested

At approximately 15h30 on June 30, 2024, the URTC control room alerted various members about a possible wanted suspect on the M41 bridge.

The Marshall Security Special Operations Team, Durban North SAPS and another Security Company immediately responded to investigate the situation. As members approached the suspect, they confirmed that it is the suspect wanted in connection with a murder and armed robbery Case in the Gateway area.

Our Special Operations Team promptly intervened, stopping their vehicles in front of the suspect and successfully apprehending him. Upon searching the suspect, a large knife with a silver blade was found in his possession. After reviewing footage related to the aforementioned Case, it was confirmed that the suspect was wearing the same T-shirt, sneakers and Cap as seen in the footage from the previous week incident.

Durban North SAPS officers then took over the scene and transported the suspect to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

The swift and coordinated action by Marshall Security’s Special Operations Team highlights our ongoing commitment to community safety. We commend our officers for their vigilance and quick response. It was also later established that he has been arrested previously by our team.

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