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Bulletproof With AI: Intelligent, Reliable, Affordable Security

Complete your business security with modern, comprehensive surveillance solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Whether the security at your business premises is top-of-the-range or just the bare essentials, AI-powered surveillance solutions can drastically improve the effectiveness of your security system before, during and after a positive incident. Deep learning algorithms turn your standard CCTV camera into a crime prevention machine, that enables a host of additional (and pretty cool) security features.

Securing Your Property With Al Solutions, Your Invisible Force Field

Off-Site Monitoring

Advanced technology allows us to offer improved security, effectively utilising software such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in CCTV cameras that feed directly into our 24-hour control centre. This allows us to conduct virtual patrols, as well as immediately viewing the live footage of trigger events such as alarm activations, AI detection and virtual line crossing, which trigger the camera and enable us to instantly analyse the event and act accordingly. For example, the activation could be a false alarm requiring no action, or it could be an armed robbery in progress, where we can act quickly and mobilise according to the threat level.

This modern means of securing a property has become popular amongst the business community due to its effectiveness, as well as cost saving potential by minimising the number of physical guards required. Artificial intelligence in CCTV allows you to have an alarm system with visual verification as well as a CCTV system, combined, with fewer components and far more value for money.

Line Crossing

The ultimate perimeter protection, line crossing is where AI and reality meet. Think of this as an invisible tripwire; in our state-of-the-art CCTV control centre we use smart software to draw virtual lines inside, around, parallel to, or even on top of your property perimeter, according to your specific safety needs.

These virtual lines indicate critical zones that can be individually secured and monitored – such as a perimeter wall or driveway or street level parking bay. Should one of these virtual lines be breached at a time no one is supposed to be entering that zone, an activation trigger is immediately sent to our CCTV control centre with live visuals of that exact zone. This allows us to verify and validate trigger events to determine the required course of action: to stand down or dispatch resources accordingly.

Accurate Threat Detection

AI guarantees accurate threat detection and has a false alarm rate of less than 1%. This enables your system to differentiate between movements from potential threats such humans and vehicles, and common false alarm triggers such as wind, sudden changes in air temperature, reflection of light, foliage, pets such as dogs or cats and animals such as monkeys and birds, or even insects.

AI will trigger only on the detection of humans or vehicles (or both) entering restricted areas, removing false alarms from other sources, and when the CCTV camera is linked to our control centre the cause of the alarm is instantly identifiable and we are able to respond according to the threat.

Facial Recognition

Imagine the advantage of knowing who enters your shop, office, business, and being able to see what mood they’re in! AI’s facial recognition has the ability to read every person who enters your front door and analyse their features to determine their identity, gender and age, if they have facial hair or are wearing glasses, and can even read their expression to determine their emotion. Furthermore, custom alerts can be created for VIP guests or frequent shoppers, or even if a wanted suspect or disgruntled employee enters your business.


This allows us to auto arm and disarm the tripwires or intrusion zones based on when activity is prohibited or would be suspicious. Any number of different periods can be set for each day of the week or weekend, and provision is also made for public holidays or business closures, which can be scheduled for the year in advance.

How All Of This Makes Your Life Easier

It’s Affordable

Modern, advanced, intelligent technology… sounds expensive, doesn’t it? The best news you’ll hear today is that it’s one of the more cost effective security solutions!

With this form of security, you get a greater area of coverage for what you pay. A single camera has a far larger area of coverage than an outdoor beam, and even entry level analytic cameras can cover more than double the area of a good outdoor detector, at the same price. A large open space that would require three to four outdoor detectors for effective coverage will only require one good AI camera.

You Don’t Just Pay Less, You Save Too

This modern means of securing a property has become popular amongst the business and residential communities due to its effectiveness, which naturally results in a cost saving potential by minimising the number of physical guards required.

Remove The Human Factor

Outside of office hours, all that’s required is anomaly detection and the subsequent response. CCTV can be everywhere on a property at once, whereas a human cannot. Furthermore, cameras cannot be intimidated, coerced or frightened off, and will be on duty exactly when required. There is no chance of physical or mental fatigue, which may result in a human missing an important event.

Reduced False Alarms

The reliability of AI monitoring ensures accurate threat and event prediction, which reduces false alarms by 99%! That means fewer unnecessary phone calls from our control centre, fewer wasted resources on armed response dispatches to false alarms, more effective responses to real emergencies, and footage of the events for investigation and conviction purposes.

This is exciting times for the security industry in the ways that tech evolves the safety of residents, communities and business sectors. Contact us today to find out how you can bulletproof your security with AI.

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