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Quick Response to Community Alert Leads to Arrest in Prestondale

At approximately 12h45 this afternoon, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted through one of our WhatsApp crime alert groups in the Prestondale area. A suspect was reported stealing a light from a light pole within the Albizia Park.

Multiple officers were promptly dispatched to scene, where they immediately spotted the suspect in the park. Following a brief foot chase, the suspect was apprehended with the stolen light in his possession.

Durban North SAPS was informed and arrived on scene a short while later.

Unfortunately, during the pursuit, one of our Armed Response Officers sustained minor injuries to his leg. He was then stabilised on scene by Netcare 911 and transported to hospital for the further care.

The suspect was transported to Durban North SAPS and will be charged for being in possession of suspected stolen items.

We extend our gratitude to the vigilant community members who reported the crime. Their trust in Marshall Security’s ability to respond effectively to such reports is greatly appreciated.

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