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Rapid Response by Our Umhlanga Team Leads to Arrests and Recovery of Stolen Goods

This morning at approximately 08h07 our dedicated Guarding UIP vehicle and Armed Response Officers in the Umhlanga area recieved a tip off of suspects hiding stolen items on the M4 Freeway.

Our teams immediately acted on this information and proceeded to the last known location of where the suspects were seen. Tactical Officers and members of our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched to the scene to assist.

As our Officers arrived on scene the suspects fled on foot on the M4 South Freeway. After a short foot chase the suspects were swiftly apprehended. Upon further inspections several stolen items including electrical house hold items, clothes and a subwoofers were discovered hiden in the dense bush.

The suspects could not provide our Officers with a reasonable explanation as to how they had these items in their possession.

Durban North SAPS were immediately contacted for assistance and arrived on scene a short while later.

Upon further investigations it was established that the stolen items were stolen from two separate premises on Ridge Road.

Both victims, unaware of the theft were contacted who desired to press charges against the suspects.

Both suspects were transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Well done to our teams on yet another successful arrest, our teams showing no hesitation in fighting crime and making the community a safer place.

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