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Security Officer Fatally Shot in Shooting Incident: Suspects’ Vehicle Recovered

At approximately 11h45 midday, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre were alerted through various WhatsApp Crime Alert Groups and recieved multiple calls regarding a shooting incident on Kew Road in the Kenville area.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched and Netcare911 and Greenwood Park SAPS were informed accordingly.

Further information came through that an Armed Response Officer from another private security company had been shot.

Upon our team’s arrival at the scene, they discovered multiple spent cartridges on scene and the response officer sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

The crime scene was immediately cordoned off by members of our Special Operations Team.

Netcare911 arrived on scene a few seconds later. Unfortunately there was nothing paramedics could do to assist the victim and was declared deceased on scene.

The circumstances suggest that the incident may have been a robbery gone wrong, which was then interrupted by the responding security officer.

The vehicle believed to have been involved in this tragic event has since been recovered by our Special Operations Team, Durban SAPS K9 Unit and Pheonix SAPS Trio Crimes Unit on Queen Nandi Drive in the KwaMashu area. The officers’ firearm was also taken during the incident.

Upon inspecting the recovered vehicle it was discovered that the vehicle was sought by the SAPS and was hijacked earlier this week in the Pheonix area.

Greenwood Park SAPS are in attendance and will be investigating further.

We extend our sincere condolences to the fallen officer, his family, and the security company he represented. This tragic loss deeply affects us all, and our thoughts are with everyone impacted during this difficult time.

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