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Our response officers are highly trained and professional. They are fully certified, and able to respond and react to your situation efficiently and effectively.

We take immediate action with all alarm activations and dialled in emergencies. This means that if your alarm goes off, our reaction officers are already on their way to your premises before we make first contact via phone.

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Corporate Guarding
Our guarding service, which has been set up in accordance with strict ISO standards, offers security personnel to the corporate, industrial, construction, residential and retail sectors of KwaZulu-Natal.
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Private Estates / Gated Communities
Well-presented fully trained security officers control the limited access entrances, with friendly efficiency, to ensure an effortless and safe experience for all residents.
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Community or Street Patrol guards are the first line of defence. Equipped with a direct line to our control room, they are a proven deterrent in the fight against crime in the area. They can also be called upon to meet you at your gate if you are coming home and are feeling unsafe and they will ensure you get into your premises and locked up tight.

A vehicle, with armed personnel, also provides a number of patrols each shift.


Marshall Security’s own managers and directors run our Special Operations Team (SOT). They lead by example, ready and able to respond quickly in cases of emergency. Proof that at Marshall we are dedicated to offering our clients (and non-clients) the very best service available.

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Dedicated vehicle patrols are put in place to ensure a visible presence on the streets in the communities we serve. We find this an excellent deterrent for would-be perpetrators. It also means we are already on the road ‘In Case of Anything’ and can respond to your emergency that much quicker.


Our state of the art control room, manned 24/7/365, has been built not just to meet, but to exceed industry standards. Our UPS, battery farms, generators and various other redundancies ensure there is zero downtime, which means you can rely on us to respond to your emergency, no matter when or what it is, with extreme speed and efficiency.

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Marshall Electronics prides itself on being able to cater to everyone’s needs.

Services Include:

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Our Technical Support team are responsible for all elements of your ‘at home’ or ‘at work’ electronic security. This includes alarm installations, CCTV cameras, electric fencing, access control, gate automation etc. Their job is to ensure you have the best advice and best products at your disposal for the best possible protection.


We say that you can call us, In Case of Anything. And we mean it. We have now broadened our own offering by acquiring Crisis Medical; whose licensed paramedics are able to help in case of medical emergencies.  Our response officers are also trained in the administration of CPR and AED’s, which are fitted to our response vehicles. In this way, you are assured of the best first responder treatment available. Call our emergency dispatch centre (our In Case of Anything number) or the Crisis Medical hotline (086 112 7474), and we’ll take care of the rest.


One of the side-effects of being in a state of panic, is that you can’t remember where any of the panic buttons dotted around your house are. One of the side-effects of having a life is that you aren’t always at home when you’re involved in an emergency situation anyway. Now you can carry your ‘panic’ with you wherever you go (not the feeling, the solution). It’s like our call us ‘In Case of Anything’ number, but in app form.

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ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras

After an incredibly successful trial and launch in north Durban in 2017 (which saw us make 14 arrests and recoveries in just a couple months), we are proud to make our special brand of proactive security available in your area too.

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Video Surveillance & Alarm Verification

Marshall Security is proud to introduce new wireless Eskom free alarm systems and detectors, with built-in cameras for instant video verification. Utilizing the very best and latest in wireless security technology we can now set up systems that allow us to view alarm activations and verify whether it is a false alarm or one that requires priority response.

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