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What if you had an alarm that could see? Marshall Security is proud to introduce new wireless Eskom free alarm systems and detectors, with built-in cameras for instant video verification. Utilizing the very best and latest in wireless security technology we can now set up systems that allow us to view alarm activations and verify whether it is a false alarm or one that requires priority response.

These are tamper-free wireless systems, ideal for domestic and commercial use.

  • • Sensors are motion activated and can see in complete darkness.
  • • Priority response – our control room views the activations and a potential crime or crime in progress will result in us being able to analyse the threat in real time and dispatch response units according to the threat level.
  • • Records 10 seconds of video upon activation.
  • • Every clip is just 100 – 150kbs in size, so there is very little data usage.
  • • All clips are recorded and stored via Marshall Security remote servers.
  • • GSM or Ethernet connection.
  • • Detects attempted remote jamming.
  • • Up to 5 years of battery life depending on the number of activations.
  • • Completely off the grid.
  • • Basic video resolution, designed to verify not identify.
  • • Guard replacement in dangerous high-risk areas or environments.
  • • Quick installation and maintenance free.
  • • Smoke/Pepper Systems can be integrated and triggered to activate from our control room.

See Videofied in action here:

Should you have CCTV installed, or wish to go that route, our alarm monitoring software allows us to link your CCTV system to your alarm account, enabling us to automatically view your cameras remotely should your alarm trigger for any reason. A small upgrade on the CCTV equipment will be required for this option, with the benefits far outweighing the costs.

  • • Requires high-speed internet connection.
  • • All activations saved on our off-site server.
  • • Priority response – our team can decide how to react given the situation showcased in the feed.
  • • We are able to view live and on-demand, even without activations.
  • • App for client and users to be able to view remotely on any smart device.
  • • Excellent commercial property surveillance option
  • • Ideal for looking at streets, warehouses and similar areas
  • • Domestic and commercial applications.

Camera systems can now do more than simply capture an image. They can interpret and verify the data in it, triggering automatic alarms and comparable responses. Areas in a camera’s field of view can be marked to trigger an alarm should a certain event take place. Events can include unauthorised movement, unauthorised movement in a specific direction, objects disappearing or appearing, objects that appear and are left abandoned, increases or decreases in temperature, scene changes, persons loitering and fast-moving items. These events can automatically trigger the camera to go into alarm and initiate a live feed to our control room, enabling us to view the cause of alarm.

Specialised cameras include those for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Facial Recognition. Images can be run through a multitude of databases both national and business specific to set off warnings and/or to grant access to whitelisted vehicles or faces.

Facial Recognition

  • • Facial recognition is a pro-active way to identify persons of interest before an incident occurs.
  • • Criminals faces can be loaded into systems to trigger warnings should they walk through an entrance.
  • • Staff members can be whitelisted in applications that require entrance/exit management, where knowing who is coming and going is a valuable asset.
  • • The camera can discern, catalogue and register: Height, weight, race, gender, estimated age and expression, which is very useful for retailers to analyse their shoppers’ demographics.
  • • The system can function as a foot traffic/people counter

Number Plate Recognition

  • • Our ANPR systems utilize technology that captures each number plate and automatically runs it through several sought vehicle databases, triggering a response.

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