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Stolen Copper Apprehension in Westmead Leads to Quick Arrest

Stolen Copper Apprehension in Westmead

This morning at approximately 09h48, Marshall Security received a call from a client on Swanfield Road in the Westmead area, who suspected that a customer was in possession of stolen copper.

Stolen Copper Apprehension in Westmead

Our GWA Armed Response Officers immediately made their way to the scene and questioned the customer, who could not provide satisfactory information regarding the origin of the copper and was then immediately apprehended.

Pinetown SAPS arrived on the scene shortly after being contacted. The suspect could not provide the officers with a reasonable explanation as to how he had obtained the items.

The suspect, together with the stolen copper, was transported to Pinetown SAPS for further investigation and processing.

The collaboration between the Greater Westmead Association, Pinetown SAPS, and Marshall Security played a crucial role in ensuring a safer environment for everyone involved.

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