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Stolen Vehicle Fitted With False Plates Found Within 12 Minutes

A silver VW Polo that was stolen in Durban central was located within 12 minutes by members of our Special Operations Team Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 14h35 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted via a WhatsApp crime group that a VW Polo had been stolen from the Durban central area.

Upon further investigation, it was established that the stolen vehicle was fitted with a tracking device and a short while later members of our Special Ops Team were activated to assist Cartrack with locating the said stolen vehicle. 

Our members immediately responded and recovered the vehicle which they found abandoned within 12 minutes of being activated. The vehicle was found with false plates fitted on a dirt road in the Inanda area by members of our Special Ops Team, Cartrack Ground Team and the SAPS.

The owner’s house keys, license and money was returned to them while their vehicle was taken to Inanda SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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