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Joint Effort: Stolen White VW Polo Found Stripped And One Suspect Apprehended

Just before 11h00 this morning members of our Special Operations Team and Greenwood Park SAPS Trio Crime Unit were activated by Netstar Tracking to assist with locating a white VW Polo which had been stolen earlier in the morning outside a well-known hospital in the South Beach area of Durban.

In a joint effort between members of Special Operations Team, Netstar Tracking and Greenwood Park SAPS and after a lengthy track the stolen vehicle was found parked, severely stripped condition, in a garage of a property on Park Station Road in the Kenville area where one suspect was promptly apprehended. Upon further investigations, the vehicle was fitted with false number plates.

The suspect and the recovered stolen vehicle, was transported to Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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