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Swift Action Thwarts Fraudsters in Umhlanga – Four Suspects Apprehended

Marshall Security scored a significant victory against fraudsters in a quick and decisive operation yesterday afternoon at approximately 13h30.

Acting on a tip-off, our Emergency Dispatch Centre sprang into action after a local bottle store in Umhlanga reported a fraudulent purchase of two cases of alcohol. The suspects, driving a grey Suzuki Dzire, were on the run.

Our vigilant Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team, along with the collaboration of Durban North SAPS, tracked down the suspects on the M4 Ruth First Highway. In a carefully coordinated effort, they successfully stopped the vehicle where four suspects were immediately apprehended. 

During the operation, a substantial amount of cash, alcohol, and compromised bank cards possibly linked to the fraudulent activities were found. All four suspects were transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

The suspect’s cunning modus operandi involved masquerading as bank employees, tricking unsuspecting individuals into divulging their security details. With unauthorized access to victims’ phone banking, they executed unauthorized fund transfers into fraudulent bank accounts. The ill-gotten gains were then used for various purchases until the bank’s red flags were raised.

We strongly advise the public to remain vigilant, guard their personal information, and promptly report any suspicious activity.

In the ongoing investigation, Bank Forensics Investigators arrived at the Durban North SAPS who are assisting with investigations.

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