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Swift Justice: Durban North Kidnapping and Armed Robbery Suspects Apprehended

Durban North Kidnapping and Armed Robbery

Yesterday Afternoon members of our Special Operations Team were informed of a Kidnapping and Armed Robbery incident which had occured in the Durban North area and that the victim was at Durban North SAPS.

Members proceeded to the police station to assist the SAPS.

The victim who then explained to our members and the SAPS that earlier that morning, he was feeling unwell and sought medication from a local pharmacy. While parked outside the pharmacy a suspect opened the victim’s passenger car door and jumped into the vehicle, where after he held him up at knifepoint and instructed him to drive towards Inanda.

Whilst en route, the suspect made contact with another two suspects and arranged a meeting with them at an agreed upon location in Inanda. When they met up with these two suspects, also armed with knives, they proceeded to jump into the vehicle.

They then proceeded to a house in the area where they held him hostage, forced him to remove all of his clothing, then tied him up and demanded the pin for his bank card. One suspect left the premises to withdraw cash from the victim’s bank account from an ATM nearby. The other two suspects remained with the victim, holding him hostage at knifepoint.

A short while later the suspect who had left to draw the money returned. Thereafter they returned his clothes, took various items from him including his wallet, cellphone and laptop, and proceeded to release him.

Durban North Kidnapping and Armed Robbery

Undeterred, the victim drove directly to the Durban North SAPS to report the incident.

Members of Special Operations Team and the Durban North SAPS Trio Crimes Unit then acted on the information the victim provided and were able to establish the location where he was held hostage.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, at approximately 02h00 members proceeded to the location mentioned where they managed to apprehend the three suspects and recovered all items that were taken from the victim.

Suspects were transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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