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Swift Response Leads to Apprehension of Trespassing Suspect

Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 16h43, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a cell panic alert from a client residing on Oxford Road in the Morningside area.

The client reported that a suspect was spotted trespassing on a neighboring relatives property.

Our Armed Response Officers, were promptly dispatched to the scene. Whilst responding a member of the public informed our Officer that the suspect had jumped out the property and was fleeing up Venice Road.

Our dedicated Officers without hesitation pursued and managed to apprehend the suspect.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect had left behind his bag and sandals while attempting to flee from the property he had trespassed from.

Durban Central SAPS arrived on scene, and the suspect was taken into custody for further investigation and processing.

Several residents in the area have come forward who informed our Officers and the SAPS that they filed cases against the same suspect for previous cases.

Well done to our Armed Response Officers for their swift action in ensuring the suspect was apprehended and taken into custody.

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