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Marshall Security Apprehends Intruder After Umgeni Park Beam Activation

This morning at approximately 06h30, the Marshall Security Dispatch Centre received beam activations from a client’s premises on Abergeni Crescent, in the Umgeni Park area. Our Dispatch Centre contacted the client, who reported an intruder on site.

Multiple armed response officers were immediately dispatched to the premises.

Upon arrival, the suspect had already fled the scene. The area was thoroughly searched until our officer spotted the suspect hiding in nearby bushes along Mount Argus Road. After a brief foot chase, the suspect was apprehended.

The homeowner was informed and arrived at the scene, positively identifying the suspect. It appears the suspect entered the property by jumping the palisade fencing at the rear, opening a kitchen window, and entering the house. However, he fled when seen by the homeowner. The suspect will be handed over to SAPS for further processing.

This incident highlights the effectiveness of our rapid response systems and the dedication of our officers to maintaining community safety. Marshall Security remains committed to protecting our clients and ensuring swift action in times of need.

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