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Vigilant Armed Response Officer and Community Collaboration Neutralise Copper Cable Theft in Glen Anil

At approximately 09:30 this morning, one of our vigilant Armed Response Officer, on routine patrol duties, observed two suspects stealing copper cables from a street pole on Sagewood Way in the Glen Anil area.

Thanks to our Armed Response Officers quick thinking, one suspect was apprehended, and the stolen copper cables were recovered from his possession. However, the second suspect managed to evade capture, fleeing on foot in an unknown direction.

Determined to bring both individuals to justice, a detailed description of the outstanding suspect was swiftly circulated among all team members, ensuring heightened vigilance throughout the community.

Shortly thereafter, an eagle-eyed member of the Glen An-Hills Neighbourhood Watch spotted the suspect matching the provided description walking along Bougainvillea Drive in Glen Hills. Recognising the potential connection, the dedicated community member promptly reported the sighting to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. Working in seamless coordination our Armed Response Officers were dispatched to the scene, arriving within minutes to provide valuable support. With the assistance of the Neighbourhood Watch the suspect was swiftly apprehended and found in possession of a stolen water meter and copper pipes. Furthermore, the suspect was positively identified by the Armed Response Officer from the initial scene.

Subsequent investigations uncovered the theft of a water meter from the verge of a property on Umfomoti Lane in the Glen Anil area, further underscoring the magnitude of the suspects’ criminal activities.

The collaborative efforts of the Glen An-Hills Neighbourhood Watch, Greenwood Park CPF, Greenwood Park SAPS, and Marshall Security have proven instrumental in not only apprehending both suspects but also highlighting the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in combating crime. By working together, these organisations have exemplified the power of collective action in safeguarding our communities.

Both suspects have been handed over to the Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing, ensuring that justice will be served.

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