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Vigilant Officer Apprehends Suspect with Suspected Stolen Copper Pipes

In the early hours of this morning at approximately 04h00 our vigilant Armed Response Officer, whilst conducting a routine patrol in the Park Hill area, spotted a suspicious individual on Lancaster Grove. The person was carrying a backpack conspicuously filled with pieces of copper pipes.

Recognizing the potential threat, our officer promptly requested backup. With swift coordination, our Officers approached the individual, leading to an immediate interview and a subsequent search of the backpack. Inside, multiple pieces of cut-up copper pipes were discovered.

The suspect failed to provide a reasonable explanation for possessing these items and was promptly apprehended. It remains unclear at this time where the copper pipes were stolen from.

We urge the community to report any copper theft incidents to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

The apprehended suspect has been handed over to the Greenwood Park SAPS and will facing charges of being in possession of suspected stolen items.

Our commitment to community safety remains unwavering, and we encourage vigilance among residents. Together, we can combat criminal activities and maintain a secure neighborhood.

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