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Um, Yes, We Are Pretty Driven

A Lot Of Security Is About Presence

You know that feeling, when you are sitting watching TV and you really, REALLY want that last biscuit… but your significant other or your super judgmental pet are sitting next to you, so you feel a little self conscious and pretend you don’t want it? This is a very detailed analogy… it’s almost like it’s a lived experience for us, um, let’s move along… The point is, if you are a bad guy, and you see us driving around, doing vehicle patrols and watching you, you are less likely to do bad guy things. Presence is important. Presence in fact, is key.

You’ll See Us Out There Doing Our Vehicle Patrols

Area vehicle patrols are put in place to ensure a visible presence on the streets in the areas where our footprint extends. Our vehicles are just about always on the move… with the effect that it feels like we are everywhere, all the time, watching you. Bad guys HATE it. You however, we think you may quite like it. You see us, and you feel safer, because you are. That’s the whole point.

While We’re Out There

One of the other reasons why you will always see us out and about in your area, is so that we can respond to an emergency quicker, ‘In Case of Anything.’

Imagine for a second that you set your panic off, because *eek* something’s happening, and that signal gets routed to our emergency dispatch centre who then send a car in your direction, that’s great, but what if that car was sitting at our emergency control centre before dispatch? It may take a while to get to you.

Now, imagine if that car was already on the move in your area? Did you know that before our control centre even calls you to find out if your ‘eek situation’ is in fact just that and not an accident, we have already rerouted one of our area vehicle patrols to head your way. We feel like now is a good time to remind you that our average response time is about 207* seconds, and now you know why.

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