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Not Just Security Guards, Community Safeguards

Marshall’s Community Services

You want to make a difference. Help others. Do the right thing. Well, so do we. See how our values for community services align here once again? We are a community based, community-driven company, and as such, we take great pride in finding new and innovative ways to care for the areas we serve.

We Believe In People and Places

For us, Community Service extends further than the ways in which we give back, in the form of helping charities and causes, and it’s not just about dropping a security guard off for a little extra protection at an event or two either.
Here are some of the initiatives we’ve created that further help the areas we serve:

Smile and Wave

Did you hear the one about the security guards that became environmental crusaders? In 2019 we created a small eco-warrior initiative called ‘Smile and Wave’. The premise, employ a team to go to community trash spots and clean them up. All we ask from the community themselves, if they are unable to assist, is a smile and wave when they drive by. Our community cleanups have taken on a life of their own and we look forward to the initiative growing. You can follow our Smile and Wave progress via their own Instagram and Facebook page.

Here Buddy

You love animals, we love animals, everyone loves animals (if they don’t, we are silently judging them… admit it, you are too), they’re the best. But, our best friends, AKA furry personal security guards can suffer a little wanderlust every now and again and disappear through the hole in the fence, or slip past the gate, to go investigate the world around them. Our Here Buddy community initiative has been created to reunite lost best friends with their families.

Keep Up to Date with WhatsAppening

We proudly run, manage or participate in a few hundred community WhatsApp Groups. These are an amazingly fast and efficient way to disseminate relevant information to the right group of people in a manageable way. It turns the group members into security guards, with an alert eye and keen sense of responsibility to themselves and others.

Consider joining a community WhatsApp group today to keep abreast of things in your area, or chat to us about setting one up on your behalf.

For more information on how we can serve your community, call us (in Case of Anything).

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