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Don’t Panic. OK Fine, Panic.
But Do It On Our Terms, With Our Security App.

A Mobile Panic App, In Case of Anything

One of the side-effects of being in a state of panic, is THAT YOU’RE PANICKING. Which means most rational and logical thought gets tossed out the window, leaving you with sweaty palms, while doing a startlingly accurate interpretation of something frozen in time and space. Either that… or you forget that you have a wide variety of panic buttons dotted around your home, which would call us, In Case of Anything.

One of the side-effects of having a life, is that you aren’t always at home when you’re involved in an emergency situation anyway. Long story short, this is why we are very pleased to provide our clients with our Marshall Security Mobile Panic App. Now you can carry your ‘panic’ with you wherever you go (not the feeling, the solution). It’s like our call us ‘In Case of Anything’ number, but in app form.

Marshall Security Mobile Panic App Features

  • Armed panic/fire/medical response 24/7.
  • Silent alarm from any smartphone.
  • Response to your precise GPS location.
  • Use it at home or on the road.
  • No installation costs.
  • Special packages for body corporates.
  • Ideal for teens, moms and the elderly
  • It also comes with a big read button right there on your touch screen. You can’t miss it.

How Your Panic Works

Offered as an independent subscription or as an additional add-on to your existing monitoring contract, our mobile panic app is essentially a mobile panic button, and as with a fixed panic button, when activated, a panic alert is sent to our control centre, who immediately dispatch an armed response vehicle to your aid. Something that is good to know, but that you may not be aware of: panic signals are given priority status.

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