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Surveillance Centre

Surveillance Centre Intelligence

There is a reason why Google is so great. It is a centralized, one-stop resource for absolutely anything and everything you want to know. It makes information gathering simple, efficient and effective because centralization of information is often a key proponent to success. This is something that definitely tracks in our industry too, and it’s also why we have our own surveillance centre. 

Always Operational 

All data and intelligence is fed through to our surveillance centre, where it is analysed and stored. There is absolutely no downtime here and you will find the facility buzzing with activity 24/7 every day of the year. Here, using state of the art technology, software, surveillance equipment, analytics tools and databases of industry relevant information we are able to quickly assess and address a situation. 

We Have it all Covered 

From verification software to motion sensitive CCTV footage, from line crossing to virtual estates, we have it (and you) all covered. Information is kept secure and confidential, while also ensuring that we take real and appropriate action as needed.

But That is Not All

Emergency calls and panic signals are also all routed directly through, ensuring the fastest reaction time possible.

Good to know: By the time we call you in response to an activation or issue picked up on our surveillance system, a reaction team has already been dispatched to you. If it’s a false alarm, we call them back, but otherwise you can expect them at your premises within minutes.

Having all our technology feeding back into our centre, helps us to better have your back.

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Surveillance Centre

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