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Caught… on (Video Surveillance) Camera

We Can See You…

We like to emphasize at this point that it’s not in a creepy, stalker kinda way, that would be the exact opposite of what we would be hoping to achieve, obviously. No, we can see you, with an eye to safety and security. Our video surveillance systems, which are some of the most innovative and technologically advanced in the country, can be unpacked across several budget options to suit any number of situations.

Eskom-Free, Wireless Video Verification Solutions

In amongst our wide and growing offering, we’re super proud to bring you wireless (Eskom-free, thank you very much) alarm systems and detectors, with built-in cameras for video surveillance and instant video verification (not identification, just to be clear). These systems allow us to view motion activations and verify whether they pose a threat before an alarm is even triggered.

Layering on the Security

Technology like this reduces our reaction time and can save the loss of property through theft because of this. It’s an extra layer of security, one that you can keep an eye on too.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Sensors are motion activated and can see in complete darkness.
  • Priority response. Our control centre views the activations and a potential crime or crime in progress will result in us being able to analyse the threat in real time and dispatch response units according to the threat level.
  • Records video upon activation. These are stored via our Marshall Security remote servers.
  • Detects attempted remote jamming.
  • Basic video resolution, designed to verify not identify.
  • Smoke/Pepper Systems can be integrated and triggered to activate from our control centre.

Looking for more than the eye can see?

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