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Access control has become a wonderfully robust addition to both residential (especially estate) and business security. It always feels just a little bit ‘extra’ and it is, with good reason. It’s protecting not just property, but personnel, and in some instances proprietary information.

The Power of Access Control

Biometric scanners, using fingerprints (less exciting in these Covid-y times *grimace face activated*) and/or eyeballs to grant access are within this stable, however ID cards and tags remain a viable and more cost efficient solution as well. Using video verification surveillance systems can also come into play here.

Why all this trouble you may ask? Well, when it comes to your business premises, it’s an excellent way of tracking who is present and when. Access control can in point of fact be used to grant or deny access to certain personnel at certain times (e.g. late at night, when they really shouldn’t be there), and in the event of an incident a verifiable trail, which can be audited, is left in its wake.

In addition to all of this, it ensures that staff feel safe, as they know that everyone within a premises has been authorised to be there.

BOOM! Gate. There it is.

In gated communities and estates, access control is paramount. The whole perceived value of community estate living, is underpinned by the strong claim of safety and security, so the utmost care must be placed in this area.

You will frequently find in these sorts of situations (much like in a business setting, or any place with frequent and necessary entry and exit points), that boom gates with biometric access or virtual sign-in are frequently in place. Codes are requested for visitors and this data, including entry and exit times is all logged.

A Combined Effort

Video surveillance and verification, including number plate or facial recognition and/or CCTV monitoring are also part and parcel of this form of security.

The options are many fold and we are certain that we can find the right combination of solutions for optimum security for your premises.

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