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3 months free

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Manage your alarm on the go from your mobile phone.

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Leverage modern CCTV technology for peace of mind.

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Ramp up your business security with high-tech surveillance solutions.

Alarm Monitoring & Armed Response

Access to 24/7  Emergency Dispatch Centre

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• Remote arm/ disarm of alarm system
• Bypass/ arm individual partitions & zones
• View event history of activations
• Check current arm status of the alarm
• Cancel response to false alarm activations
• Manage multiple users with user rights

• View the live feed of your CCTV directly from your mobile phone to monitor various cameras across multiple sites at any given time.

• Upon an alarm activation, CCTV footage from the camera linked to the triggered device is sent to our 24hr Emergency Dispatch Centre. This allows the controller to view CCTV footage of before, during and after the activation to see the cause in real time,which equips them with intel on how to respond accordingly ie. are multiple suspects on site, if suspects are armed, or if it was a false alarm.

Modern CCTV cameras have the ability to detect and distinguish between humans and animals. These cameras can trigger an alarm event if a human specifically is detected, reducing false alarms. Unique paramaters, such as time schedules, can be set to activate should a human be detected in a specific area where no one should be at a certain time of day or night.

• Further advancing your security with CCTV, AI functionality allows you to create extended paramaters using line crossing.This advanced software allows you to draw a virtual line in the field of view of a camera. Should a human then be detected crossing that line, an alarm event can be triggered.
These line crossing paramaters can be set as direction dependent, as well as exclusion zones.

• Our dedicated 24hr Video Monitoring Control Centre has the ability to monitor your premises remotely via your CCTV cameras. This includes the ability to conduct virtual patrols, as well a viewing trigger events such as alarm activations, AI detection and line crossing triggers. This modern means of securing a property has become popular amongst the business community due to its effectiveness, as well as cost saving potential by minimising the number of physical guards required.

T’s & C’s Apply
*Extra charge will apply depending on number of devices. You may choose to opt out of this service.
**A working alarm system is required for this functionality to be enabled. Upgrades of any exiting alarm equipment, as well as any new installations, can be provided by Marshall Security.