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You Can’t Touch This… No, Really

Perimeter Protection with Electric Fencing

The time honoured, good old electric fencing is an excellent addition to your security system. We always say that security should be layered, working from an ‘outside in’ approach. Because if you think about it, that’s where the bad guys are coming from. To this end we like to encourage our clients to start right at the beginning.

Jumping the Proverbial Electric Fence

The very first hurdle (and sometimes it appears to be just that) for a would be intruder, is the fence. Our Technical team can come to your premises (whether business or residence) and assess your electric fencing needs to make recommendations and provide quotes based on that. For instance, based on their investigation they would be able to provide insight on the number of strands needed, the distance between them, the number of zones that should be allocated, and various other variables.

Our Shocking Offering

We offer 8 line (angled or straight) fully compliant electric fencing installation (it comes with a certificate and everything). Not only is the electric-ness of it all a shockingly good deterrent (sorry for that pun but it was low hanging fruit, we had to go there), but it can be linked up to your alarm system as well, which means once it’s breached and there is a disturbance in the ‘force’ as it were, everyone will know all about it. (i.e. We get the signal, you get the signal, the bad guy definitely get the signal, we all get the signal).

Overall we believe that the occasional zap zap zap that your electric fence makes when a snake dies on it (happens far more often then you would like to think *shudder*) or a branch lands on it, is a small price to pay for the additional security and peace of mind it provides.

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Electric Fencing

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