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Getting the Automatic Number Plate Recognition it Deserves

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Every now and again, a real game changer comes along. In an age of technological advances and consistent innovation, that’s actually really saying something. But at Marshall Security we are incredibly proud to have seen the potential in Automatic Number Plate Recognition software (ANPR), which led to us becoming the first security company in KwaZulu-Natal to champion it and roll it out where needed most. And really, what a difference it has made.

Coming in Hot… Spots

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) are installed in area/community hotspots, where the number plate of every vehicle that passes is captured and relayed to our emergency contact centre, in real time.

Once there, the registration numbers are automatically checked against both our own and the SAPS Sought Vehicle Database. Suspicious vehicles are immediately flagged and armed response vehicles are dispatched to the last known location of the vehicle in an effort to proactively prevent crime in the area, you know, before it even happens. The entire process, from image capture to team dispatch takes seconds and gets seriously impressive results.

From Start to Big Finish

After an incredibly successful trial and launch in north Durban in 2017 (which saw us make 14 arrests and recoveries in just a couple months), we began to make this special brand of proactive security available to anyone that needed it. Current arrest stats, together with the noted decline in criminal activity in areas where our automatic number plate recognition cameras have been erected, prove their efficiency and your improved security.

Here is the launch video when we made this great community centric facility available, check it out.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

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