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Keeping a [CCTV Camera] Eye on Things

Eyes That Never Sleep

CCTV Cameras are a pretty standard feature of home and business security systems these days, offering a good view of the state of things, including your front gate, to that one room, where you are almost certain someone keeps sampling your lunch. It doesn’t hurt that they are a fraction of the cost of employing the services of a guard 24/7 either.

CCTV Cameras have been proven to serve as an excellent deterrent but that is not all (cue infomercial voice) they are also a source of ‘evidence’ and/or intelligence, when it comes down to it too.

How Can We Help You

Our Technical team run the installation of all aspects of your home alarm system, and as such will be able to assess your property and advise on the best course of action with regards to the placement and implementation of CCTV cameras. That being said, we are also able to tailor a solution for you in order to meet your budget and property requirements. Give us a call and we can set something up with our Tech team. Assessment is free.

CCTV Cameras As A ‘Remotely’ Good Solution

Should you have CCTV cameras installed, or wish to go that route, our alarm monitoring software also allows us to link your CCTV system to your alarm account, enabling us (and you) to view your cameras remotely should your alarm trigger for any reason.

A small upgrade on the CCTV equipment will be required for this option, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  • All activations saved on our off-site server.
  • Priority response. Our team can decide how to react given the situation showcased in the feed.
  • We are able to view live and on-demand, even without activations.
  • App for client and users to be able to view remotely on any smart device anywhere in the world. Talk about keeping an eye on things back home right?
  • Excellent commercial property surveillance option.
  • Ideal for monitoring streets, warehouses and similar areas.
  • Perfect way to see who is ringing your door before you answer.
  • Domestic and commercial applications.

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CCTV Cameras

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