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Evidence That Marshall Security Can Help

When The Word ‘Investigations’ Gets Your Imagination Going

It immediately conjures up images of clandestine meetings, spy gear and super stealth helicopter drop offs in the dead of night *ooooooooo*… or maybe that’s just us? In any event, that’s actually not what it is. Although it is an equally vital service, and it’s one that we provide here at Marshall Security.

The Business of Investigations

Investigations actually frequently come into play in the corporate and business world. It covers things like misconduct, ethical ambiguity, fraud, trust and corruption, not to mention harassment and intimidation. Look, it’s a long list, so we’ll stop there, because you get the picture. The point is, if you have reason to believe that your company is in violation of anything, or if you have a staff member that is causing trouble in some way, contact Marshall Security, we can help.

Scene of the Criminal Investigation

Marshall Security is also able to assist in the investigation of crime scenes, interpreting information and data to assist in responding to a given situation.

From intelligence gathering, to lie detection testing, undercover missions (see this is a spy movie after all) and fingerprint and forensic analysis, gathering both physical and digital evidence (given the situation), we can help. Everyone leaves their mark. In some way.

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Investigations unit

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