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Not Just Reactive Security

Special Operations Team – Proactive Security Response

When you move up in an organisation your portfolio of responsibilities changes. That’s generally pretty great, like trading in doing the coffee runs for being in charge of adding up spreadsheets with rows and rows of frighteningly large numbers for instance (we’d rather do the coffee runs). Anyway, what happens is, you forget what those coffee runs were all about and why they mattered. That’s not how we do things at Marshall.

Here we believe in armed response security and the value it provides, we believe that our people are our biggest and best asset, and we also believe we should all play our part. Actively. So, while you may see our managers and directors behind a desk from time to time… you will also see them racing toward the scene of an emergency situation to help. It’s why they started this company. It’s what they do best. Take action.

And Action

In short, our Special Operations Team (SOT) is an exciting addition to our security portfolio. They lead by example, ready and able to respond quickly in the most action packed situations.

The benefits of this are manifold, including a deeply entrenched understanding of what is happening on the ground on a daily basis, which puts them in a better position to understand the needs of their personnel. Empathy for people involved, because they are seeing and working cases first hand. And an impressive array of experience, thanks to backgrounds on the police force and as police reservists. These guys practically invented armed response security.

Adding Real Value

The services of this special armed response security team come free. That’s right, they are an added value service that is provided to all Marshall clients. Proof that we will always go the extra mile (sometimes literally) to make sure you remain safe. Because when we say you can call us, in Case of Anything, we really and truly mean us, and anything.

Our SOT Team Looking After You

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