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Alarmingly Good Armed Response

Let’s Not Beat Around The Proverbial Bush

You are on our site because of your interest in one (big) thing. You want to know about our armed response. It is, after all, the pivotal plot point for most privately owned security companies. The good news for us, and for you, is that we are alarmingly (see what we did there) good at it. We make sure of it.

Our reaction officers continually train to ensure they offer best practice armed response at all times. Experience, passion, commitment and dedication to what we stand for, all come standard in our team. They work on the frontline to keep you safe, not just because it’s the right thing to do… and because they really, really want to!

From Alarmed to Armed in 207* Seconds

We take immediate action with all alarm activations (panic or otherwise) and dialled in emergencies. This means that if your alarm goes off, our reaction officers are already on their way to your premises, before we make first contact via phone. This improves our reaction time, making it one of the fastest in the area. It currently sits at an impressive 207* seconds on average. We think our last pack of microwave popcorn took longer to react under a high pressure situation.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Our team will gain access to your premises with your permission and will investigate the property, ensuring that nothing suspicious has taken place. We will canvas the inside of your house as well if required. In the event of finding a suspect on your property, our team are trained to apprehend them. Our priority is to keep you safe; the safety of your property and possessions falls in line after that.

Mission Control, This Is Marshall Security

Our state of the art emergency contact centre, manned 24/7/365, has been built not just to meet, but to exceed industry standards. Our UPS, battery farms, generators and various other redundancies ensure there is zero downtime, which means you can rely on us to respond to your emergency, no matter when or what it is, with extreme speed and efficiency.

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