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Holding the Virtual Line

Don’t Cross Us. No, Really

Camera systems can now do more than simply capture an image. They can interpret and verify the data picked up, triggering automatic alarms and comparable responses. Areas in a camera’s field of view can be marked off with virtual lines, which then trigger an alarm when they are crossed. How clever is that. This is called Virtual Line Crossing Detection and it is overall, a much more interpretive analysis than standard motion detection.

In Any (Virtual Line Crossing Detection) Event

‘Events’ can include unauthorised movement, unauthorised movement in a specific direction, objects shifting, people loitering and fast-moving items. These events can trigger the camera to go into alarm and initiate a live feed to our control centre, enabling us to view the cause and respond accordingly. Boom. How do you like that for safety and efficiency.

Virtual line crossing detection is ideal for property monitoring – both residential and commercial, parking lots and fences and works both in high and low level light.

Added Analytics

Virtual line crossing detection can also work with other software analytics where necessary, for instance Facial Recognition and ANPR. In these instances, captured images can be run through a multitude of databases, both national and business specific, to set off warnings and/or to grant access to whitelisted vehicles or faces.

A Little More Detail

  • Facial recognition is a pro-active way to identify persons of interest before an incident occurs.
  • Criminals faces can be loaded into systems to trigger warnings should they walk through an entrance.
  • Staff members can be whitelisted in applications that require entrance/exit management, where knowing who is coming and going is a valuable asset.
  • The camera software in these instances can be optimised to discern, catalogue and register: height, weight, race, gender, estimated age and expression.
  • The system can function as a foot traffic/people counter.

Time to Draw the Line?

Virtual Line Crossing Technology

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