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Always on the Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Support

We’re always on the neighbourhood watch, it pretty much comes standard with what we do, and helps when you have the largest set of eyes and ears out there. But that being said, we are also big fans of community run and implemented security initiatives.

Keeping An Eye On Things

Neighbourhood Watch groups are an excellent deterrent, providing a positive impact on crime trends and criminal behaviour. We are proud to be associated with and support a great number of them in the areas we serve.

Numbers Do Matter

Everyone at some time or other has probably thought ‘well, what can I do?’ and ‘what difference will I make?’ Well, we can confirm that by joining or starting a Neighbourhood Watch (joining the ranks of thousands of other contributing members to groups all over the greater Durban area) you are doing something pretty significant and it certainly does make a difference (YOU make a difference) because strength in numbers is where it’s all at. There’s your pep talk for the day. Hope you feel better.

For more information on how you can set up a neighbourhood watch in your area, call us (in Case of Anything).

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Neighbourhood Watch

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