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Keeping It In The Community

What Is A Dedicated Vehicle?

When a particular area hits a certain amount of alarm monitoring and armed response clients, it is designated a Marshall Security safe space. This means that it qualifies for its own dedicated vehicle that serves its own small footprint and that’s it. A unified community security move like this significantly reduces crime in the area.

We’re Moving In

There are a great number of reasons why a dedicated vehicle is pretty much one of the best things since… well, since the days when we didn’t need private or community security.

For starters, it means that our reaction officers get to know the footprint they are serving really, really well. They therefore get to know the people, the vehicles, the properties and everything else within that footprint really well, as well. The result? They become uniquely qualified to understand when something seems a little off, or wrong. (i.e. someone lurking that shouldn’t be) and are able to raise the alert or take action with efficiency.

Further to this, it also reduces response times (and ours were already pretty quick, not to toot our own horn or anything), in the event that there is an emergency and our assistance is required.

Truth be told though, with a dedicated vehicle and therefore our increased presence, crime rates and criminal activity drops, which means there should be far fewer breaches to your personal security anyway.

Working With You For Community Security

Every community is different; so we like to work with each one to tailor make a solution that works best for them, thus ensuring optimum results.

Chat to us about what you need, and let’s get a dedicated community security vehicle onto your streets.

Security For Your Community

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