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Yup, We’re Virtually Everywhere

What Is Virtual Estate Security?

Alright, we’ll back up, hang on…. Sometimes, it’s simply not feasible for security guards and/or officers to be exactly where you need them to be, at exactly the right time, especially in slightly larger areas with obstructed views. However, with a good array of surveillance equipment, we can create a virtual estate security solution. Basically all the eyes and ears you need in a given situation, without the physical eyes and ears.

Virtually All The Surveillance Equipment You Need

Yes, technology is a wonderful and varied thing and with it, we can watch you. Wait, that’s not right… we can watch OUT for you. Much better.

Strategically placed CCTV cameras can be erected along perimeter fences and other location hot spots. Coupled with motion sensors and what are essentially ‘trip switches’ (how very Indiana Jones’s vs the bad guys), alarms can be activated and video feed data interpreted, eliciting the correct response on the ground when and where necessary.

For Reel vs For Real

Our officers, yes they are still around, monitor the feeds and conduct random ‘virtual estate security patrols’ from our Surveillance Centre.

While surveillance equipment in this form isn’t a replacement option for real live people doing their real live people thing, it does create a strong virtual buffer, adding layers of protection, ideal for, well, you guessed it, property estates, but also, schools, campuses, commercial buildings and other private residential areas.

Want to Look into the Virtual Estate of Things?

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