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Did you know that a team of burglars can get onto your property, shop all your expensive jewelry and electronics and make their speedy get-away in under 4 minutes? Big yikes, right? It would be impressive, if it wasn’t so damn scary. And that’s without considering that you and your family may be at home at the time. Even bigger yikes. Anyway *clears throat* let’s talk about outdoor beams shall we? Excellent.

Outdoor security beams, when connected to your alarm system, provide an excellent early warning signal. They alert you, your security company (that’s us, we hope) and the would-be burglar that you’re onto them… and that we’re on our way.

With the element of surprise taken out of the equation, burglars frequently rethink their plans, or at the very least rush the job.

Here Are a Few Types of Outdoor Beams to Consider

Point to Point Beams

  • Have a range from 10 to 100 meters.
  • Work in pairs. Which means, when someone or something breaks the signal connection by walking between the two outdoor beams, the alarm is triggered.
  • Can be mounted on walls, poles or brackets.
  • Work with a clear line of sight.

Motion Detectors

  • With a 90-degree angle and a range of about 10 meters, these work best when affixed to the outer walls of your house.
  • They are designed to pick up movement
  • At the height they are affixed to the wall it becomes almost impossible to jump over the detector.
  • And almost impossible to keep under it as well. Bonus.

Strip Beams

  • Mounted on the external wall of your house, frequently on windows or doors.
  • Consists of 4 x strips of receivers and transmitters.
  • An alarm is triggered when the invisible pulsed infrared light, which has been generated, is broken by motion.
  • Various sizes can be accommodated.

You may already have outdoor beams and detectors installed (go team), however, thanks to technological advances being made constantly, we highly recommend you have your perimeter security needs reassessed from time to time, just in case it’s time for an upgrade.

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