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Armed Response Officers Arrest Suspect on Non-Client Property

A suspect was arrested and charged for business break-in and theft after Armed Response Officers responded to the scene of a non-client property in Briardene in minutes, and caught the burglar still on the property hiding in one of the offices.

Last night at approximately 18h40 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client stating that there is a possible break-in in progress at their neighbouring business premises on Marseilles Crescent, who is not a client of Marshall Security. 

Regardless, multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on the scene within minutes. While conducting a property check a suspect was swiftly arrested when he was found hiding in one of the offices, hoping our Armed Response Officers would not locate him.

The owners of the business premises were contacted and when they arrived at the scene they were informed accordingly and proceeded to open a case against the suspect.

The suspect was handed over to the Greenwood Park SAPS will be investigated further.

Well done to our team for their fast response time, thorough property check and tenacity in not leaving the scene until the suspect was found.

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