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Known Suspect Arrested And Charged With Housebreaking In Red Hill

Last week our team members were alerted to a housebreaking in progress at a vacant house in Red Hill, where our members arrived on the scene within minutes and managed to arrest the suspect still on the property.

On Thursday evening at approximately 21h20 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted to a housebreaking in progress at a non-client’s vacant house on Station Ridge Road in the Red Hill area. Multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team members were dispatched and arrived on the scene within minutes. 

Upon their arrival, a suspect was immediately noticed stealing metal sheetings from the vacant house. The suspect was arrested and the homeowner was informed accordingly and wished to press charges against the suspect. 

The Greenwood Park SAPS was informed accordingly and arrived on the scene a short while later. The suspect and the stolen items were handed over to them and the suspect will be charged with housebreaking and theft.

The suspect is known in the area and has been arrested before for similar cases.

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